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Corbin Boys Basketball Schedule 2018-2019






12/1/2018Cordiaat North Laurel2:30 PMLISTEN HERE
12/8/2018Jackson Countyaway5:30 PMLISTEN HERE
12/11/2018South Laurelhome7:30 PMLISTEN HERE
12/14/2018Williamsburgaway6:00 PMLISTEN HERE
1/2/2019Bell Countyhome6:00 PMLISTEN HERE
1/5/2019Central Hardinat South Laurel3:00 PMLISTEN HERE
1/7/2019Whitley Countyhome7:30 PMLISTEN HERE
1/8/2019Clay Countyhome7:30 PMLISTEN HERE
1/22/2019South Laurelaway6:00 PMLISTEN HERE
1/24/2019Knox Centralaway7:30 PMLISTEN HERE
1/29/2019Williamsburghome6:00 PMLISTEN HERE
2/1/2019Whitley Countyaway7:30 PMLISTEN HERE
2/2/2019Garrard Countyaway3:30 PMLISTEN HERE
2/4/2019Middlesborohome7:30 PMLISTEN HERE
2/8/2019North Laurelaway7:30 PMLISTEN HERE

Corbin 2018-2019 Girls Basketball Home Schedule




12/01/2018MiddlesboroHome7:30 PMLISTEN HERE 
12/6/2018Pulaski CountyHome7:30 PMLISTEN HERE 
12/10/2018McCreary CentralHome7:30 PMLISTEN HERE 
12/18/2018South LaurelHome7:30 PMLISTEN HERE 
1/3/2019Jackson CountyHome7:30 PMLISTEN HERE 
1/7/2019Whitley CountyHome6:00 PMLISTEN HERE 
1/19/2019PaintsvilleHome2:30 PMLISTEN HERE 
1/21/2019Garrard CountyHome7:30 PMLISTEN HERE 
1/29/2019WilliamsburgHome7:30 PMLISTEN HERE 
2/9/2019Clay CountyHome3:30 PMLISTEN HERE 
2/11/2019Lynn CampHome7:30 PMLISTEN HERE  
2/12/2019PinevilleHome6:00 PM 

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